April 5, 2020

Physician on Fire talks COVID-19

Parental units,

I don't need to describe the wild times and conditions we are all under. But, being able to talk it out with others, like the Physician on FIRE, was a great relief to discuss shared concerns, ways to help those less fortunate, and what life after all of this might look like. It's all speculation and personal opinion, so there's no guarantees on anything. But, the conversation was a bit therapeutic and hope it helps ease some tensions for you as well.


Show notes:

• Operating out of self-quarantine
• Possibly coming out of early retirement to help in EDs, if COVID numbers don't improve
Hand knitting and 3D printing masks 
• Adapting to the changes, including finances
• The 4% rule for FIRE
• Paying back (med) school loans
Donor advised funds
• Places to donate to support COVID-19 efforts - World Health Organization/United Nations, Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, Feeding America, and CDC. Also look to local community to support.
• Spread the word to #StayHome!
• The economic impacts of COVID-19 on the physician community
• What might bouncing back from COVID-19 look like
• The tension between economic and health needs - The Hammer and The Dance
• Shared gratitude for our technology infrastructure and the resilience of businesses
https://pofire.com / https://www.physicianonfire.com/

Enjoy the episode, stay home, and stay safe family!

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